Registered Disability Savings Plan

What is a Registered Disability Savings Plan?

People In Motion will be offering information sessions on the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) offered by the federal government. In short, people with disabilities who are eligible can receive $1000 a year for up to 20 years.

Participants have to be under the age of 49. RDSP’s are retroactive  from 2008. So if you have been disabled since 2008, you can receive more than $1,000 into your plan once it is approved.

How do I get started?

People In Motion is assisting people with disabilities with the paperwork in applying for the Disability Tax Credit. We have teamed up with Brant Hasanen from Edward Jones Investments. Brant sets up the accounts and is doing this on a volunteer basis with no costs or administration fees. Parents, applicants and/or people who have power of attorney are welcome to attend these sessions.

Call or email our office to find out when the next RDSP session is and start to improve your financial future!
Phone: 250-376-7878 ext 1